Thursday, September 17, 2009


Audition season has officially opened. Or maybe more like, it's open season on sopranos? Either way I'm doing better than I had expected: so far, I've been rejected from one audition and accepted for one, and that one, I just found out yesterday, is conflicting with JURY DUTY. I want to kill myself.

While I'm planning to try to get out of my civic duty, something tells me that a letter in writing stating that I really need to go to an opera audition in New York City is probably not going to get me anywhere. Heck, I'm from Baltimore City...and the pool of non-convict citizens is very, very small. I get called steadily once a year. It's a drag, but I usually don't get as annoyed about as most people until this year.

Maybe if I explained to the bitter, hardened-by-lies person that probably processes the requests that I really need them to throw me a bone here: I'm one of thousands of sopranos, and I'm just so damn lucky I even GOT an audition that it's ridiculous, and I just have to go. I don't know. We'll see what happens. I have great hope that it can be rescheduled, as it's a company I've never sung for, and have wanted to.

Count down to my birthday: 7 days til the big 30

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Anonymous said...

You could always parse it as "a job interview" that you can't reschedule!