Friday, December 04, 2009


My day in NYC on Wednesday was good, hectic, but good. It was one of those days when I felt like I might have been menopausal or something. I was having hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. Sweating one moment and perfectly normal the next. I have no idea what was going on, but that audition dress is definitely going straight to the dry-cleaner. Oy.

When I got to Nola, it was utter chaos as usual this time of year, with three opera companies auditioning singers on the same hall way. What a smorgasbord of eyeliner, lipstick, binders and FMPs. Oh, the interesting outfits, earrings, hair-dos, and the screams of delight when singers see each other for the first time since last summer, etc. When I was finally called and I went into the room to sing, it was only a bit unnerving that the panel was talking, almost at full voice for extended periods while I sang, only stopping, thank god, to look up for the sensitive moments in the aria. My voice was in a good place, and I felt my singing was particularly solid, but it was all I could do to stay IN the scene in terms of character, being somewhat distracted by the talking. I know I should be able to block it out better, and the distraction should be no excuse for not having a perfectly rounded acting moment, but hey. When I exited the room, I thought, "I can be proud of that." Not horribly down-trodden or depressed or feeling like a gigantic loser. So it was really a success for me, in a very personal way.

I made the truly bad decision to not change before leaving the studio, since the bathroom is just way too small to think about changing in it, but running to the subway and then to the bus in my audition heels was agonizing. And I was having another one of those hot flashes at the same time, so it just felt maddeningly uncomfortable until I finally made it to the bus and changed in the smelly bus bathroom. But then, I could sit and read and sleep intermittently until we got back to Baltimore ahead of schedule!

Tomorrow, it's off to Philly for another. This time at AVA, not FOR AVA, heavens, no, but at it. That place is slightly intimidating, I have found, in it's old-timey grand austerity, and it's glamorous scarf-enveloped inhabitants. You have the distinct feeling that they are all much better singers than you are. The last time I was there for an audition, however, I met a really lovely mezzo in the pizza place across the street and she personally directed me to the practice rooms so that I could warm-up and made me feel very welcome. I wish I would run into her again tomorrow.

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NHB said...

Break a leg.

And well done for singing well, despite an incredibly rude audition panel!