Friday, December 18, 2009


I lived! And it was really fun.

My last round of auditions were Saturday, and I am pleased to report that all three were great. That being said, I already got a rejection letter from one, so hooray for me! The last one of the day was especially promising, and everything worked out so that I wasn't too late getting home. Now that it is all over until the second week of January (besides church of course), I feel I accomplished something personally and vocally with each chance I had to sing. They were not all my very best, some were, some weren't. But I just love singing so much that I hope it comes across to audition panels and WHOEVER I sing to, whatever the situation. We might complain, but there is something really invigorating about the maniacal couple of months we call audition season, and it must have some allure or we wouldn't keep doing it.

Tonight is my big holiday party, and after work I will go home and frantically finish cooking everything. Whatever shall I wear? I have no idea. But my nails look good, so that is what is really important.

Next up, family, Christmas, and then: the Met competition. Mmmmm

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all the best :D