Friday, April 08, 2011


Oh wow. Last night was tres fun.

I have been listening to all sorts of soprani singing my "Qui la voce," and I'm feeling like Caballe is probably my favorite, but it's frustrating because you have to buy the whole ALBUM on i-tunes if you want the track. So, I've purchased a Joan Sutherland version that is rather dreamy. My one problem with Dame Joan is that when I listen to her too much I find myself beginning to shift over to that long-ago expunged way of singing that sounds like I have a mouthful of marbles. So I shall listen to it only three or four hundred times instead of every second.


Jayme said...

Stopping by to say hello cuz I'm thinking of you and whoa, I love the new blog look. The water, and you looking out the rainy pane. Nice. How's your year looking, Sweetie? We move to Chicago in 7 weeks!!

AlisonDee said...

if you find the song version you want you youtube you can use a programme called Jdownloader (which they use for warez), copy the youtube link and it will download the youtube video and seperate MP3 and Video so you get both.

If this confuses you all it takes it to understand how Jdownloader works & you will know what i am on about.

If u already use Jdownloader then apologies for the quasi-lesson LOL.

p.s some videos might be protected and this wont work