Monday, April 18, 2011


What a wonderful weekend I have had, interrupted only momentarily by the obtuseness of a certain someone with an opinion: "You know, I've never had any formal vocal training, but I was in high school choir, and I think you need to watch your .... when you sing. I find that sopranos especially do this a lot. But that's the only thing wrong with your singing that I can see."

I said "Thank you for letting me know. I will be careful about that in the future," with a stone cold face and sashayed away. It was pretty clear I wasn't pleased, but in a court of law...

Oh say can you see...all the people who think they know something because they were in choir in high school. And then, of course, I spent the better part of the drive home from church (that was the scene of the crime) thinking of much better come backs.

In other news, I attended a show of the national tour of West Side Story, and I am sorry to say the singing was perfectly abysmal. The dancing was great, though, and some of the acting quite fabulous. I am actually pretty mortified that people get hired and sing like that, but then, in some ways, it was rather validating. The fact is, it's really kind of almost impossible to be a really successful triple threat. It takes all the time one has in a day just to learn how to sing beautifully, and kind of act at the same time-- it is truly the work of a lifetime to hone a fantastic vocal technique. Add dancing in there, and something's going to suffer.

In the meantime, I will be working very hard at not paying it forward with the rude comments-- but I do think I am smart enough to know better than to criticize others at what they do for a living and have masters degrees in.

Well, it's Monday, and this time last week, I was hyperventilating at my desk, so today is already better.

Love to all!!!

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