Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, it turns out that being a little poor (too poor, that is, to risk putting my wallet in the imminent danger we call a great many shoes I want at the mall) is very productive for me. Not only does it force me to stay home and do things one must do, like laundry, but it offers just the right amount of boredom to get me to do projects that would seem otherwise ridiculous.

Like making bagels.

After church today, I was braindead, as per usual, feeling rather like maybe I hadn't sounded so good. I was cranky about it. So we ate left-over chicken enchiladas for lunch and I read for awhile. Then I got bored and went flipping through my collection of internet downloaded recipes, and came across an easy recipe for bagels. Talk about a cheap hobby. Bread-baking is just a cheap enough hobby (cost: flour, yeast) to make me forget momentarily how completely maddening it can be.

But low and behold, this was really not too maddening at all and these bagels are a revelation. It was easy and they are good, and they are smaller than the ones you buy, so it doesn't feel like you just ate a hockey puck.

Now, can someone please tell me who thought of BOILING bread dough in the first place? It seems like maybe it was an accidental discovery. So whenever I am too cash poor to go buy a bag (mostly because I have been having way too much fun going out with friends), I suppose making bagels would be a good and industrious thing to do. Joe will be thrilled.

Which is something else I should probably be concerned about. Am I treating my husband TOO well? I hope he doesn't get used to this. :)

Oh, and Here's the recipe!!!

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