Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday : Top 5 MOST Annoying Things That Could Possibly Happen to an Opera Singer

I would like to submit to you: a list.

Top 5 MOST Annoying Things That Could Possibly Happen to an Opera Singer

1. Any unsolicited criticism ("helpful hint" or "tip" or "comment") of my singing preceded by the phrase "I've never had any formal vocal training, but I was in choir in high school, and I really think..."
I don't try to give you tips about how to be a better lawyer, doctor, or whatever. Don't coach me on singing, peeps.

2. Being compared to Josh Groban.

3. Being in a show with those colleagues who are otherwise lovely, but never seem to have been informed of or have conveniently decided to ignore the rule about it not being their place to offer advice about how to be a more fabulous actor (like them), have a better sound in your high and/or low range (like them), how to support and project more efficiently (like them), what rep you should really be singing, or what voice teacher would be right for you rather than the one with whom you are currently studying.

4. Working with a person that makes excuses for themselves.
Just stop. Close your mouth, and then figure out how to fix it. We do know how hard it is to be a good singer, and actor, and watch the conductor at the same time. Sometimes its nearly impossible. But it is so frustrating when people do not take responsibility, because there is nothing anyone can do to help if no one will admit something is their fault.

5. Having to remind people to pay us.
No, a fairy did not come to me in a dream and tap me on the head with a wand, and *poof* I was a fantastic singer. No, I do not just do this because it is fun. Even though sometimes it is fun. However, it becomes significantly UN-fun when I have to beg for my money. Again, you would never do that to your lawyer, doctor, or whatever. Don't do it to singers. We have degrees too, and have actually worked our a**es off, and continue to work them off in order to develop the kind of technique that allows us to sing the ridiculous cover of the pop song you want for your daughter's wedding while maintaining a modicum of human dignity.

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Unknown said...

this had me in tears because its so true!