Saturday, July 09, 2011


I am about to get started teaching in about a half an hour, but I thought I'd sit down and write about how awesome life can be sometimes. :) First: the farmer's market this morning was wonderful! I got another watermelon. I'm going to go ahead and admit I'm totally obsessed...I could eat watermelon all day long.

This week has been such a wonderful smorgasbord of fun outings with friends, and it is starting to feel like this is my favorite summer ever. It sounds silly for a grown up like me to say, but I feel really lucky.

Another super plus amazing THANK YOU UNIVERSE is that, just as I am starting to worry I will have no opera to sing this year, I am asked to be part of a concert with some arias and scenes, with really fab singers. The ultimate pay off for me in singing opera, teaching, church jobs, regular jobs, anything...are those times when you get to be with people who are special, talented, motivated, hard-working, and give you opportunities to learn from them while you work together. I mean, it's downright inspiring! I would rather have that any day of the week than money, although, once in a while a girl does have to pay for rent, and well...dresses. Thank goodness I have a day job for that!

I think my idea about the bottom line (for singing gigs, at least) is maybe a bit different than some. Money, great to have. But I'm not starving, I buy the occaisional pair of shoes! The music is the bottom line.

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