Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am still mentally in another time zone, and that alarm clock is not my friend. Morning came early this time, for realz.

Tomorrow night, I'm singing a wedding. Every singer's favorite summer past-time. Mostly because it is soo lovely and fun to sing Ave Maria, and Panis Angelicus, and The Lord's Prayer, and all the cheesy delights of yore. I simply love singing them, because they are ALWAYS a hit. Even if you sing it badly, everyone loves it! Hell, I love it! Say what you want, but those guys knew how to write for the voice. So many of the anthems I come across as a church soloist make it painfully clear that lots of composers just didn't put in the time to figure out how singing actually works, and more specifically, how each voice type works in different parts of their range. Sadly, a piece having been published, by no means denotes it's effectiveness. And people, you can think the lyrics match the sermon all you want, but if it doesn't WORK, then, no one will be moved by the words you were so anxious to have sung.

After singing the wedding, I'm going to the beach. Which is as it should be.

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Mendel Markel, said...

I love singing weddings, that's sort of been my singing bread and butter. Orthodox Jewish weddings don't really give opportunity for cheesy delights as you put it. They are more like wild Ukrainian Cossack weddings... here's a youtube vid of me singing at one as you can see not exactly classical, but still lots of fun.