Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I am having a hell of a time being unmotivated this week. What with the Fourth of July and all, it's really been a fabulous, relaxing time to cook, go to work, and only practice when I have to. It's actually sounds kind of nutty, but I feel like I'm on vacation when I don't have to be anywhere at night after work. If that's how you feel too, you might just be a professional musician.

Having that extra day yesterday was amazing. I made marinara sauce, bread, yogurt, and painted my nails this truly invigorating shade of hot pink that happens to look hot with my tan.

Yes, I have a tan. Joe and I took a mini vacay this weekend, in search of an outdoor pool. We found one at a hotel where we could use points and a get a free night! It was lovely. And I saw The Hangover 2, which, frankly, was underwhelming.

It is these stretches, a couple weeks at a time, when I enjoy being able to forget that I am a singer. Except that I never really do.

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