Thursday, May 24, 2012


I actually really like going away for three days.  It's the perfect amount of time.  I don't have to take too much stuff-- I don't miss my cats too much.  Miami is such a fun place-- and for a two hour flight you really feel like you are in a very different world when you arrive.  It's European in flavor, and a really refreshing departure from life in the Northeast.  The women are a little different there-- flashier, more glamorous, more confident and less understated.  I wore my striped Calvin Klein maxi dress one night to dinner and really felt like I was underdressed-- or somehow, just not fitting the vibe-- I was too Nantucket and not exotic enough.  Never had a bad meal-- fantastic food.  I didn't watch my diet, and had cocktails with every meal but breakfast!  So now I am back-- happy to be home and back on the wagon-- I feel well-rested and glad to be alive.

Now I'm ready to tackle the Bach and Handel I have to sing for an audition next week.  My voice didn't get as radically out of shape over the four days off from singing as I thought it would.  I missed it, though.  I started practicing not fifteen minutes after we walked in the door.  I am on the hunt for a new English aria and absolutely cannot wait to start working on all my new stuff.

Also, I am wearing mint green nail polish!!!!  It is super wonderful.

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