Thursday, May 17, 2012

On to the next

I've been spending a lot of time looking through music, and You Tubing tons of new arias and oratorio selections that would work for me as I feel my center of gravity shifting higher.  Since I have an audition for an oratorio conductor coming up, I'm working at getting together a nice batch of contrasting pieces.  Right now, it's the first aria from St. John Passion "Ich folge dir gleichfalls" and Handel's "I know that my Redeemer liveth," as well as Brahms' "Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit" and all the stuff from Carmina Burana

As for opera, I'm totally challenging myself to go out on a limb with things I've got a feeling will be a while before they are heard in public!  Like Violetta and Konstanze and Gilda.  Then there are the things that can come out a bit sooner-- like Juliette and Alcina-- those are closer to what I have already been doing. 

So as I'm listening to all these different singers sing all these different things, I realize that there's really no reason to listen to any body but Jessye Norman.  And Anna Moffo.  And Edita Gruberova.  And Joan Sutherland.  No seriously.  Talk about resonance and presence in every note.  With Jessye, I love the humanity of her singing.  As for Joan, I can aspire in some way to her perfect other-worldliness.  But one thing I learned from my most recent experience onstage is that while inspiration comes from lots of places, the very best thing I could ever be is me. 

Which sometimes takes a lot of work.

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