Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happiness is:

1. Finding out you're singing a gig with a great friend (read: maybe we can all go drinking after??)

2. Learning to be okay with imperfection

3. Okay, so maybe carnations aren't really so bad after all.  They were two dollars, and I'm broke, so I made them work.  Any flowers are better than no flowers.

4. Practicing on your lunch break


Elaine said...

Hi, just wanted to comment to say I love your blog. Your passion for your art is so infectious and inspiring. I'm a young aspiring Irish soprano, and I really enjoy reading your posts. Please keep it up and all the best in your career, it sounds like you'll really go places!x

Jessica said...

Thank you, Elaine!!! I really appreciate your kind words!
I've always dreamed of going to Ireland...maybe we'll run into each other someday!