Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things on Tuesday

(don't read this if you are hoping for great insights. :)

1. I have to admit, I'm starving.  I've been starving all day.  It is kind of a drag being on a diet right now.

2. I love baking cakes.  It's a downright shame there aren't more reasons to do it.  Okay, well, there are lots of good reasons to bake a cake.  But for the main reason I do not bake them more often, see number 1.

3. I am taking my lunch to go to the grocery store and buy more cream of coconut and sugar which I ran out of last night and must have for said cake I am baking.

4. When am I going to eat actual lunch, though, because I am starving?

5. Oh man, this is turning into quite the sh*t show of a blog post.  My apologies.

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