Thursday, May 22, 2008


Tomorrow morning my plane takes off at 6:11 am for Indiana for my brother's wedding. This means I have to get up at 3:30 am. How great is that? I'm excited, however, to see the fam-- and spend some time with everyone. It will be the first weekend in months during which I will not have to think about singing at all.

After Indiana, I'm flying to Florida to meet Joe and his family. And we'll wind up the whole thing with a master class in St. Augustine and a day and a night in Savannah before coming home. It's kind of a whirlwind, but I think we'll get in a couple of good beach days at least.

Yesterday was a wild day too.

In an incredible moment of unluckiness, I was changing in the bathroom of a restaurant after the audition I last blogged about, and somehow managed to get bleach marks on my beautiful black audition skirt!!!!! I am really sad about this-- I tried to color in the marks with a black sharpie, cover them up with shoe polish, all sorts of crazy things, but nothing worked, and it's ruined. So, I resorted to another not quite so perfect outfit for the audition yesterday.

I think the insane schedule I've been keeping with rehearsals, work and auditions is starting to catch up with me, as I did something really embarrassing yesterday. Oy.

When the nice lady asked me what I would sing, I told her that based on the type of repertoire she had asked for in the email, I brought this and this. She looked at me funny, smiled wryly, and said "I don't think that was from my company."

Thank god I sang well, because it was really not a great reflection on my ability coordinate my life, and well, it probably made her think I didn't really care about her season and her shows, as I had obviously confused them with someone else's. Which is decidedly NOT the case. This was actually one of the companies I was most hoping with whom to have an opportunity to sing. Which is, as I mentioned, one of the reasons I daily bless my teacher for all the magic he has done with helping me to get a really solid handle on what my voice is doing and how to make it function at its best almost all the time. (Barring hormones, alcohol consumed, the barometric pressure, allergies, hydration, and hundreds of other factors, that is.) It really feels good to be able to say, well, the outfit may not be perfect, and I may have said something really stupid, but at least, after all, I sang two arias really well. And god, I hope that's what I'm there to do.

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