Monday, May 19, 2008


We had the best day on Saturday.

I woke up to find that all the water I'd guzzled on Friday to, from and during rehearsal had turned my throat/cords into a perfectly irrigated, silky, slithery delightful place. This doesn't happen that often, and when it happens on the day of a performance, you really get excited.

The recital got off to a late start-- a half an hour late, to be exact, as apparently the luncheon was taking awhile and the staff weren't serving dessert quickly enough. When the gentleman came out to tell us that the were still waiting on their dessert, and that after that, we could sing, I kindly offered to sing WHILE they were eating their dessert. It was a little demeaning, to be honest, especially since they didn't offer us any food. So I sat quietly and read, intermittently with terrorizing the other people by vocalizing in the bathroom. But what was I supposed to do?? I'd been sitting around cold for an hour and a half!

It went well, and then we got in the car and I put on my hat and we went to the race track, which didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped. Of course, you know any time you have 125,000 people in one place and most of them are drunk, there's bound to be some drama. I was in the most wicked mood, hungry, in need of a drink, and just generally anxious to get to the fun part. I nearly beat up the policeman who wouldn't let us into the parking lot. Really. I almost did. After a couple tries, though, we got in and made it across the track and into the tent, and I immediately got a glass of champagne and found my mother and sister in law and brother and all was well. All your troubles just really do melt away when you're eating steak and drinking champagne.

And that fabulous horse, Big Brown, I made $6.50 on him! It was absolutely the most exciting thing watching the race, and seeing how happy the horse was that he won. I'm absolutely certain that he knows how fabulous he is.

And today, it's back to normal life again, no champagne, no steak. But we are bringing two new members of our family home-- little kitties named Pete and Mimi. I can't wait to show you their pictures. And I have an audition tonight...can anyone say high b natural?

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That really was quite a nice hat