Saturday, May 10, 2008

I almost never...

blog on weekends, and that's because I'm too busy doing laundry, singing cheesy choral music at church, dancing, drinking, and cruising with Joe in our hot hyundai listening to offensive rap music with the bass up really loud.

Well, this weekend, it seems I did two things: Go to rehearsal, and get an oil change. Not exactly fabulousness at its best. Not that the weekend is over yet, but I'm trying to relax so I'll have the emotional fortitude to get through two services and mother's day activities. Joe has gone off to do his own version of mother's day with his own mother, and I am alone in my pretty apartment, kind of just nesting. Later tonight, I'll probably watch Harvey Girls with Judy Garland, since that's not something I could get away with if Joe was in town. And maybe paint my nails. And maybe try on all my clothes to see if I have anything good left.

So, here I sit with not T-Pain on the stereo, but Gianni Schicchi, my next project. Which I absolutely love. Oh it is just so good. Today was our first meeting for the cast, and I was SOOOO happy to learn that my girl TM is in the cast too-- a fabulous coincidence since we did this show together back in grad school. First of all, I think I might have kind of started off on the wrong foot with the director. We were joking about how amusing it would be if we could get him onstage in Suor Angelica in a nun's habit for a little opera-in-drag action. I foolishly mentioned that perhaps (insert name of renowned conservative mid-size PA city here) wasn't ready for a drag opera. But apparently I am wrong, as he immediately came to the town's defense by saying what a progressive theater community they had.

Who did I think I was, the new girl, just imposing my assumptions on an already obviously drag-opera-loving city?

It was all in good fun. (Oh, I hope!)

At the beginning we all went around the room and introduced ourselves and said which character we were. And I would say about forty percent of the cast actually knew who they had been cast as. I was a little scared. The good thing was that all the major roles were pretty clear on who they were supposed to be...I guess in all actuality it was the smaller parts in Suor that seemed like they didn't know. So, that's okay, right? It's still going to be a good show and everyone will know who they're supposed to be soon, right? I was kind of panicking at one point.

Maybe I'm a freak, but when someone offers me a role in an opera, I run to the nearest libary and study the score, the tessitura, every single line, basically learn the role, and THEN I say, yes, I'll do it. When yet another nun wasn't sure what her character's name was, I started thinking that maybe there IS a way I can weasel my way into a tiny little role in Suor, (which I've never been in, but dearly love). Because if she doesn't know what it is, she won't know if I'm stealing it...I guess that would be a little greedy of me.

But everyone is fun, and I really like the directors, and my own fiancee extraordinaire is probably going to be our part-time rehearsal pianist. So it will be way too fun...TM and I spent most of the meeting wheeling and dealing and dishing since we've been doing a lot of the same auditions lately, and it's always good to know what you're getting yourself into. We're trying to work out a plan where we could kind of be a package deal. You can have a Mimi and a Musetta! AND we've worked together before, AND we get along SO well. AND we're SO pretty! HIRE US!

In other news Trov is going well. I like my cast.

Happy weekend, people!

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