Saturday, May 10, 2008

my mother

I feel like posting about my ma.

Ever since she moved here, I guess I kind of worried a little about her, felt maybe a little bit responsible for her happiness and well-being. And for her having fun, and finding friends, and knowing what restuarants she just should NEVER set foot in.

Well, tonight I called, hoping that she wasn't at home watching a Tommy Lee Jones movie and working on my wedding dress on a Saturday night. And guess what-- she was out having dinner with friends! People I don't even really know. And I was so proud.

So here's to my mommy and all the really fabulous women in my family. There's no shortage-- between my three aunts, cousins and extra-fantastic grandmother, ohhhh annnd my sisters. I know why I have always seen other women as allies and not competition-- because they are the ones who have always supported my decisions, listened to me cry, given me advice that I listened to (usually), come to my performances, rallied for me in my really icky moments in life, known when to kick my ass, and when to just make me a martini.

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Jayme said...

Here's to the women in our life!! You being one in mine. Thanks for birthday wishes...30 was not thrilling, but what can you do? Miss you girl.