Thursday, May 22, 2008

being a young lyric and other problems

When you're a "young" lyric you have a special set of challenges.

You have to sing a lot of soubrette rep to get hired. Not that I don't like Zerlina and Susanna (who I'm not really convinced is a soubrette, actually) because I actually love them. But, would I rather be rocking out Donde lieta, why, yes, yes I would. I'm learning it, people, but will I get laughed out of Nola Studios for singing it at my tender age? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The comforting thing to remember is that Mirella Freni went through it too.

But there are some really fabulous seconda donna type things to do-- sexy Frasquita, Suor Genovieffa is a fun little nun on crack, Sandman/Dew Fairy gets to be pretty and mysterious, and Ines warns Leonora that she should be afraid, be VERY afraid.

While we are waiting... waiting....waaaiiiitinnnnggg until we're mature, lovely, composed, consistent, silver-voiced ladies with a figure to match who can handle the full lyric rep without busting a cord, the conductors, and all the older sopranos who are just so damn jealous. :)

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