Monday, May 05, 2008

It's Monday

I'm here!

On Saturday, I got a call and was happy to hear that I'm doing Ines in Trovatore after all, and my first rehearsal is Thursday. So today, I checked the bookstore-- no scores. And promptly spent more money than I would have liked on getting a score rushed to my house from an online vendor. Joe has a full orchestral score that I'm using in the mean time. I guess he must have bought it for a class at one point: "I knew that thing would come in handy sometime," he said yesterday, when he saw it sitting on the piano rack, filled with tabs.

Until I have my own real score, though, I'll feel kind of unsettled. Silly me.

I DID buy a recording, and the fabulous Barbara Frittoli is singing my role. It's fun to think that she sang it on this recording when she was young and starting out, and now she's way more famous than the Leonora ever was. Interesting.

While we were at it buying expensive opera recordings yesterday, Joe bought the La bohème recording with Pav and Freni, that I'm sad to say I didn't already have. We listened to it in the car on the way to Target. A few minutes into the first act, my poor fiancee asked about the story of the opera, not really knowing what he was getting himself into. I couldn't help it, people. As that beautiful recording was playing, and I started to talk about the story, I just burst into uncontrollable tears.

Because, apparently, I am emotionally affected by opera. Big surprise.

Oh wow. It felt so good to cry, happy tears of being touched by something. It's a little difficult to explain, though, because, of course, anyone would have thought I had just lost my best friend, the way I carried on.

And then, ten minutes later, I had wiped off my face and was shopping for paper towels at Target.


Completely Coloratura said...

Way to go, Jess! You're getting all kinds of work lately--that's great!! =)

Jessica said...

thanks, CC! I read about your plans for the summer, too!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I burst into tears during a rehearsal of Knoxville yesterday (that last line really got to me), so at least you did it only in front of your fiance and not in front of an ensemble. Embarrasing though it was, it at least reminded me that I do in fact have a pulse. Congratulations on all of your singing engagements lately!

Lisa Williamson

Jessica said...

Thanks for reading, Lisa...
glad to know I'm not the only crier! Knoxville is very emotional for me as well-- It's so awesome that you're singing it!!! one of my dreams...