Monday, May 12, 2008

rainy monday

It may be horrific outside, but I feel cozy here in the office, having just returned from having coffee with one of my favorites, JM. It's amazing what seeing a friendly face can do for a Monday morning.

Everything is right with the world today, and as I look back on the past few weeks, I can't say I've felt that way on a previous Monday morning in months. And I think I know why--

A little mother's day shopping yesterday with my ma was particularly profitable for both of us...I found my dress and hat for the big horse race this weekend and ohhhh I look so sexy in them. The hat is so big that I think Pierce would be proud. In fact, he would probably want me to wear it to his funeral. He always says that we better show up to his funeral in high stilettos and big hats. I guess I want people to look good at my funeral too, but I haven't spent as much time planning it out as he has. Fabulous.

Wednesday night, we're going to see one of my favorite operas ever: Madame Butterfly. So, you can bet I'll be having something to say about that on Thursday morning. Is there any chance I could get away with wearing the dress I bought for the race to the opera too?

I haven't listened to Trovatore in 48 hours. I wonder if I've forgotten everything...


NHB said...

I'm sure you won't have forgotten Trov and I'm really looking forward to the Butterfly review. It's also one of my favourite operas.


Jessica said...

Thank you, N!!!!

Brent said...

yes big hats....we've been looking on the west coast for hats too....hmmmm