Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am back from vacation and ohhh boyyy what a time we had. And now here I am, trying to get my singing voice back in order. I had a lesson scheduled for tonight, but my poor teacher is feeling under the weather, so I will have to be my own teacher for tonight. It's not a bad thing, but I always like to have a lesson right after vacations from singing, just to start me back in the right direction.

So, I think I'll try recording myself and listening to do a bit of self-correcting.

I find that my middle always suffers a bit after breaks, so I must get back on the wagon and work at it again.

In other news, I've come back from Vegas with some fabulous costume's the one thing show girls and opera singers have in common!


Mendel Markel, said...

Funny, I find my lows suffer after a break, maybe my highs a touch. My middle is usually the easiest. Just goes to show, every singer's body is a unique instrument.

Just curious, do your mids suffer because they haven't been practicing or because they've been used to much on vacation (like for screaming). Gotta be careful to preserve that voice ;-)

Jessica said...

As much as I wish I could forget about being a singer long enough to drink heavily, scream, and smoke, unfortunately, I can't! So it must be from not practicing!

Mendel Markel, said...

heh heh trust me I know exactly what you mean... but I guess those are the sacrifices we make for the art we love :)