Friday, August 10, 2012

I think we made it

We made it to Friday, everybody!  I was enjoying this rainy morning, and now the sun's out and I'm enjoying that too!  Also, I have on pink pants, which means happiness every time I look down.

Losing my teacher, having an emergency root canal, and some pretty wild turmoil in other areas of my life have made this a rough couple weeks, but bad times really make you appreciate the things that are so great about life.  My teacher's passing was devastating for me, and for the large community of singers that he influenced, but I am thankful and mindful of the universe's timing.  I couldn't have been okay without him before pretty much right now.  And seeing all the wonderful posts about him and his life and work on the Facebook page his students created has been uplifting beyond belief.  It inspires me to live so that there are scores of people writing wonderful things about me when I am gone.  And since I don't believe that people who die are really gone at all, I am even more at peace.  I think I'll run into him again somewhere somehow.

I read my horoscope and hilariously (or pathetically, either one), it warned that August was not my month.  It makes me giggle every time I think about it, because, wow it's been kind of true.

But what life could really be bad that is chock full of singing, a kind husband who is an excellent listener and who I can trust for sound advice, true friends who I know will understand, two cats who are fluffy and seem to know just how to help when I need them, and, last but not least, it's finally corn season!  Corn, my favorite food!!!!

I know I've talked about this blog before, but this young lady is really an almost unending source of uplifting tips and great suggestions!  I'm taking this advice for a fresh start this weekend! 

Now, go do something fun!

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