Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday means...

Only three days til my trip to New York for a lesson with a new teacher.

It's time to move forward after losing my teacher a month ago, and work on finding someone who can be my new set of ears.  I'm really excited about the new things ahead, and I'm thinking that it would be great to get a fresh perspective by studying with a woman-- I haven't had a female teacher in a while.  I think having a soprano who has sung a lot of my music would be helpful for me at this stage, since I am starting to feel (finally, whew!) that the technique thing is pretty solid.  I also know that I need a mentor who is well-connected in the New York world of coaches and agents and has a feel for what is going on for other emerging professionals.  I need to know how best to be competitive.

I still can't believe I'll never make that drive to Pennsylvania for a lesson like I used to every other week-- it's truly the end of an era.  The drive and the inspiring lesson waiting for me at the end of it were always healing for me in many ways.

I can't say I'm totally psyched about the idea of getting on a bus for a three hour trip to NYC every time I need a lesson, but it's a step I need to take and one I've known was on the horizon for me.  It's good.  Again, like I said in my last post: I can feel myself stretching, because it doesn't feel easy.

It also makes me think...wouldn't it be great to live in New York?

Deep thoughts.  I'm kind of scaring myself!

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