Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday finally!

I have a temple gig tomorrow, but besides that and my church job, it will be a real weekend.  I am looking forward to being at home most of Saturday and Sunday.   It really does just sound heavenly.

I wasn't as resilient this week as I would have liked.  Although I am relieved to report it never happened in front of the wrong people, I had a couple of break downs.  Which is two too many in my opinion.  I really have nothing to complain about-- I'm healthy, well-fed, and have a wonderful husband and spectacular friends.  I am trying to cultivate unflagging positivity, and I think I'm making real strides.  But I heard a quote once-- I should look up who said it-- "Never apologize for showing emotion.  It is true and honest."

The low point was definitely my father's text asking me what year I was born.  Oh man.  I guess being a person's first child and the only one who will still speaks to that person, does not necessarily mean you remember when I was born.  I definitely remember when he was born.  But that is neither here nor there.  Clearly there are some wounds of mine that have never totally healed.

The high point of this week has certainly been my time with friends and Joe's homecoming, as well as the amazing Ravens Superbowl win.  It has been so great for Baltimore!

The stressors of this week luckily have had nothing to do with singing.  Singing is the wonderful escape from the drama!  I have some fun competitions and auditions and a concert coming up that give me lots to work for.

Goals for this weekend include wine.  Wine.  Maybe a little more wine.

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