Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I love this Shrove Tuesday

So thankful for:

1. My bed! Oh it is sooo comfortable!  I didn't always have one this great, so I can really appreciate it.
Yep, and now I sound old. :)

2. The burgers at Hamilton Tavern, what a delicious discovery-- a rare and oniony experience. (and Z and A, or course!)

3. Monday night walks with Stu, made very necessary by the burgers at Hamilton Tavern!

4. My new rep.  Oh boy is it fun.  I am looking forward to all the chances I will have to sing it.

5. Pinterest hairstyle tutorials.  You girls out there...these updo tutorials are amazing!  I am rocking one today, and it makes me feel so good.  It is one of those rare days when you look in the mirror and say, YES!  That hair is fab!

6. The spring fashion issues I have been receiving in my mailbox.  So combine these with the comfy bed, and wow.  Life just got about 30-60% better.

7. J Crew pants for $11.00 on Ebay.  Yes, you heard that right.

8. Weddings.  So many people are getting married this year and it is a delight.  There's nothing I love better.

9. In the dead of winter, isn't it fabulous to look forward to a couple of weeks at the beach?  I am already planning my tannness.

10. By the power invested in me by Bach, I will now start working on another daunting piece of oratorio repertoire (I believe I am the only soprano who has never sung it).  I will not tell you what it is yet, but its a fun one! and full of fioratura flava.

Now go party.  It's fat Tuesday.  Or, big-boned Tuesday, as a politically-correct friend of mine tweeted earlier today.

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