Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In preparation for V-Day, I offer this:

There's a couple things you could do to celebrate love tomorrow.  And you should, because single, or coupled, there's a lot of love to be celebrated.

1. Sing.
Spend time doing the thing you love most in the world.  I know I will.  Love is about so much more than romance.

2. Hang out with a little kid.
Remind yourself how much fun life can be, and don't forget to be totally silly.  One of my favorite kids actually has his birthday on Valentine's Day!  I am sad I'll miss it this year!

3. Plan your outfit accordingly.  I know I will be wearing pink and red tomorrow and everyone is going to throw up in their mouths a little, but I don't care, the bright colors give me joy.  Maybe black gives you joy-- and if so, you should totally wear it.  Spruce yourself up and get your fabulous on, however that manifests itself for you.

4. Nothing gives more pleasure than eating a really great meal.  Whether you cook it (sometimes this is just really satisfying) or whether you go out.  But make sure you have something great to eat.

5. Read this fabulous blog post: 14 Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day: Single or Coupled

6. Don't allow cynicism to take over, whatever happens.  Plan ahead today to make sure that tomorrow is a happy, love-filled day for yourself!  Take the opportunity to reward yourself for your hard work and put some love out there for the fabulous folks in your life.

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