Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Motivation Station

I love rhyming things sometimes because it remind me of my horrifingly hilarious stint in Schoolhouse Rock. Yes. Me. I was in it. And I was the Adjective Girl. Yet another stellar example of the embarrassing things singers are willing to do for money.

Last night was a productive lesson, if only because, well, I sang, and because I was able to kind of make up a plan for the roles I need to know NOW. It was interesting note, too, that the vast majority of what I'll be singing as core rep is Italian. And beyond my year of Italian in grad school and actually going to Italy, I feel my knowledge of the language is less than great. I can order dinner, coffee, and get by, but I want to be betttttterrrrr. So, people, I'm getting on the Rosetta Stone bandwagon, and this white girl is setting out to become VERY proficient.

Then, we talked about what I'll be singing in five years. It was so much fun to think about the big girls-- Gilda, Manon, Micaela, and Amina. Yes, I realize that for some of you, those aren't big girls, but for me...sigh. Love.

Mimi is someone I'm going to start getting to know now, however. Good to learn now, good to live with for a long time, unlike Violetta, who I feel even working on right now is perhaps not a great plan. Basically, I start working on that woman when God comes down and tells me to (and by god I mean James Levine)
...it's such a big undertaking vocally. And for a truly mature singer who really knows how to use her voice.

In other news, people: I'm dying! Being good is so hard! Losing weight is really a bitch. And tonight I'm going to the gym (the last place I want to go) to work off yet more calories so that I can be a hot opera singer and skinny bride. The muffintop is disappearing, so I guess it must be worth it.


John Brough said...

You're the Adjective Girl! I just found it on YouTube - that's great! Tomorrow I'm playing the organ for an episode of the NBC summer horror series "Fear Itself", they aren't even using my sound - They just need someone who looks like they know how to play the organ.

The things we do for money indeed.

Anonymous said...

We've all been there lipsynching our way through some dreadful backing track for Albano (or any other equally unknown over-the-hill Italian pop star).

The important thing is to see it as a phase which one is going to grow out of.


Jessica said...