Sunday, September 09, 2012

Conversations with the organist

Things I wanted to say and didn't:

1.  I was singing for four hours straight yesterday evening, mostly in the passagio.  Yes, it's called the High Holidays.  It's begun.  And for some reason it usually coincides with the longest and most difficult anthems at church.

2. When I ask if we can up the tempo it's because this anthem is no less than nine pages of screaming mostly in the passagio, and the faster we get through it the better off everyone will be. Including the congregation.  Especially the congregation.

3.  I am exhausted, and being nice is awfully difficult. But I'm trying to err on the side of keeping my mouth shut.

4.  I have four more hours of rehearsal this afternoon, and my immediate vocal future looks bleak, but it will be bleaker if we don't take this three to twelve clicks faster.  But I'll take what I can get.

Things I did say:

1.  Yes, I actually did give you the full three beats. 

2. Oh my this is a long one, isn't it?

3.  What would you say to speeding this up a few clicks here?  You'll follow me? Oh, lovely, alright then.

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