Saturday, September 01, 2012

The wheels on the bus

It's a little after 8 am and I'm on board a Megabus bound for NYC.  I seriously considered driving, but my smart husband talked me out of it as it is certainly more expensive to drive, and since my only drawback really with bus travel has been the grody factor, well...when it's a difference of almost a hundred bucks...

I looked for a ticket on Bolt Bus late Tuesday night only to find that, oh yeah, it's a holiday weekend and it was cold sold out.  Megabus wasn't, and so far, it's been a way more civilized experience, I have to admit.  Well, except for an hour ago when the bus driver pulled over saying he was "losing power" and needed to turn the bus off and then back on again??? Yikes.  When shit goes down on the Bolt Bus there is an audible uproar, but I noted that when the driver made his announcement there was a kind of quiet hopeful resignation and no angry exclamations.  I had mine all prepared but didn't get to use it, because everyone was being so sweet.  But so far, we're really doing well, and I'm almost stress free going into this whole first lesson scenario. Oh, and another thing is that no one has their iPod turned up too loud.  I'm shocked.

I got to spend some time Thursday night with my dear mentor and her husband, who had been at my teacher's memorial service.  I hadn't been able to attend, but we talked about it and I got a full report that made me feel nearly like I had been there.  She made a spread, including a beef tenderloin that was perfect and reminded me only too acutely by contrast of the one I ruined by over cooking it for the dinner party I gave this summer.  We talked a lot about lots of things, but prompted by the loss of our friend, we spent a lot of time telling each other how much we love and appreciate one another, because I still feel like I hadn't said it enough to Thom.  She hugged me and kissed me, which felt good, because I guess I have to be honest and say I miss that motherly energy in my life.  My mom is a lot of things, but a hugger  and kisser she is not.

On the ride, beside looking at twitter and Facebook and wasting my phone battery, I've of course been reading a new book called Skios by Michael Frayn.  It's really wild at the moment and I don't know what else to say but that I'm enjoying it.

Well, we're just getting into New Jersey, that best of all possible states.  Wish us luck.

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