Monday, September 24, 2012

Why this Monday isn't so bad

- Because I made lasagna last night.
Okay, well it was actually vegetarian skillet lasagna, but nearly as wonderful as the time-consuming, labor-intensive, hundred-step real thing.  And by eating my salad first, I was able to keep myself from having seconds...#trickyourself

- Because the Ravens pulled it off.
I have often said that I am a football fan mostly because I love my husband and value my marriage, and it is just easier that way.   :)  Also, I find that knowing a little something about what is going on with sports gives me something to connect about with almost anyone.  And I have to say the Baltimore sports teams have pushed morale in this city over the top.  Its great to feel that people are feeling proud to live here in some small way.

- Because my birthday is tomorrow.
Now I know that it falls at a rather inopportune time.  You know, it being Yom Kippur and all, when celebrating is just not on the menu.  But at least I know everyone will be extra nice to me.

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