Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hello everyone!  I hope all of you that are on the East Coast weathered the storm well, and with no damage.

Since I know lots of folks have suffered, I almost feel bad saying I very much enjoyed the time spent at home, with nothing better to do than cook, practice, and write. I baked lots of bread (see pic!), so that we have some for the freezer, made soup, two big dinners-- half of each went into the freezer, and tried something new: I made caramel corn!  It was great fun, and I only slightly gave myself third degree burns. I also made lots of headway on the article I'm writing-- thank you all so much for our input via email!  You are wonderful, and I hope to share some of what you shared here soon.

I worked on music for my recording-- it's scheduled!  and for my All Souls gig on Friday.  Today, I'll be focusing on the programming for a Christmas gig, and going out for a drink with a friend later.  Esepcially since I've been inside for two days, wearing sweats and no make-up!

Have a wonderful day.

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