Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have them.  You have them.  Not the ones like not having enough money.  Or needing a stronger middle voice to be viable in your fach.   Or being in a lackluster relationship. 

Not those kinds.

The very personal things about yourself that are holding you back.   You know they’re there but you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what they are.  And yet, if you asked your best friend, or a person you didn't even know who stood in line at the grocery store with you for ten minutes, the could probably accurately name at least one of them.  You know, the things that I am not really aware of but that everyone else knows about me.   They are the attributes that everyone probably talks about when I come up in conversation.  They are my quirks to my friends and what makes me really annoying to my enemies.

Sometimes you can see glimpses of them when you watch a video of yourself performing, and they bubble even closer to the surface if the concert includes you giving any kind of synopsis of the pieces.  You begin to see these patterns.  

And I am sure I have more, but the one that is becoming really obvious for me is:  lack of self-assurance.   And it really reads.  And I need to work on that immediately.

Do you have the courage to figure out what your obstacle is?  Do you have someone you can trust to ask?  Someone who is really on your side?  

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