Friday, November 02, 2012

Directive Obstacle Obliteration: The Work of Awareness

Breaking down barriers takes focused work and no one knows that better than a singer.  Nearly all of us have some vocal thing that we're working toward, targeting it with a series of specific vocal exercises. So it makes me wonder...why didn't it ever dawn on me to use that same approach with the other little things (which in an audition setting can be big things!) about my presentation, and ultimately, about my life, that I'd like to fix?

Every time a soprano has an epiphany an angel get her wings.  :)

So, the next several blog posts (with maybe a break in between to gush about something) will be devoted to the steps I'm taking.  If you have an obstacle you'd like to jump over, join me.  Maybe at the end of this, we'll all be perfect performers who get all the jobs we audition for.  :) YAY!!!!

Step 1:  The work of awareness

Today, I'll focus on noticing.  Noticing how self-doubt (my obstacle du jour) appears in my actions, my words and my thoughts.  Does it show up in the way I write an email?  Is it a pattern in my life that is making its way into my performance? 

If you're following along with me, observe yourself this weekend.  How does your little obstacle appear?  Don't do anything about it yet, just watch it.  See what it does.  

Next-- Step 2: How did we get here?

This weekend I'll be in New York for lessons and for some quality friend time.  Have a wonderful weekend!

And here's a little nugget of wonderful: 12 things you should know for sure. 

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