Thursday, November 22, 2012


- Being healthy, having a home, husband, friends and cats.
- For a grandmother who is my confidant, a mom who is finally happy (and for some reason flet it necessary to take a vacation on a catamaran in Panama this Thanksgiving.  But what the hell) and talented siblings.
- Food, namely: chips (eating fewer of those these days, sadly), pumpkin pie, chocolate chip cookies, pasta with marinara sauce and the odd meatball, baked potatoes, pickles, and thanksgiving potato filling.  It is not the slightest bit sad at all that most of the things I mentioned are complex carbohydrates. :)
- Anna Moffo
- Getting dressed and made up in the morning makes me so happy.  The joy of putting on a printed scarf with a striped boatneck is one that men will never understand.  Top it off with a topknot and pearl earrings and its just a pleasure to look at yourself in a mirror.
- Verdi, but mostly "Caro nome" (always and forever) :)
- New York
- jewels, both real and otherwise
- Taking a Thanksgiving morning walk in FLORIDA where it is 70 degrees, while listening to, you guessed it: my idols, Anna Moffo, Joan Sutherland and Luciano Pavarotti.  If you can't be happy about that, what can you be happy about.
- Chance to perform.  Knowing that I am getting better everyday, and that hard work always pays off.
- Passion for something!! For lots of things! What would happen to me if I weren't motivated by passion for music, food, writing, creativity.  I would probably just watch TV all the time.
- For all of the supportive and marvellous readers out there!!! Its been a wild year-- but knowingthat all of you are out there has meant the world to me!!! More adventures are ahead of all of us.

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BellaDiva said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Those are some very nice things to be thankful for.