Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I think I'm fached.

Oh good god, look out—the sky may officially be falling--- Jessica sang high staccati and it appears everyone is falling off their chairs.

If anyone is interested in a news flash:  I am not really possessed of a voice that makes perfect sense.  There are aspects of many fachs in my sound.  Everyone is confused.   

But in fact, I am not confused.  I know exactly what I am doing. 

When I do not fit neatly into a box, it makes people nervous, and in fact, it may make my life more difficult in one way or another.  I have actually had a teacher tell me I might be a mezzo (although, wow, wouldn’t that be amazing if I were).  Nope.  I have always had the high notes—they just got lost for a few years while I went around the soubrette block, the lyric block, the full lyric block, and finally I am in the “How about I sing what feels good” cul-de-sac where I am allowed to be me.   There are the rare people whose voices, looks and personalities fit a fach like a glove.  I think of those people and wish that I was one sometimes.

In point of fact (oh I do love saying that), from a marketing perspective it is much easier for everyone involved if people know right where to put you.  But that is not how humans are.  We do not all fit into the same mold, unless we are faking it.  

So, while it may take a bit longer to get folks to catch on, I really do not have a choice.  I must be myself.  

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