Thursday, October 04, 2012


It's one of those weeks when so many things are going round in my head that I start to have anxiety because I am absolutely certain something is going to be forgotten or left out.  There have been many fires to put out and many things to fix and smooth over.

But then there are all the singing things and they are so super wonderful.

My lesson last week was nothing short of wildly uplifting and so special.  Studying with a person who sings my rep is a strange and wonderful experience, and one that I know my dear voice teacher who left us is looking down on with glee.  I feel so energized and ready to work after I see her.  She is one hundred percent behind me and excellent with the gentle nudges I need.

Tonight I am seeing Mother Ruth for some advice and some Bach.  When probably, if I would just spend all my time singing Bach, I wouldn't ever need advice.  All my problems would just work themselves out because my brain would be so finely tuned by the counterpoint.  :)  ummm... well...
Another major break through from this year of life: I can sing Bach.  And I can sing it the same way I sing everything else, just with a tad less vibrato, and more silent prayers for mercy and breath control.

Tomorrow, I know, how lucky am I, another coaching with another person I've been wanting to work with forever, and I'm going to whip out some Violetta.  They won't know what hit them.

You ask yourself, how does this poor starving artist afford all these coachings and lessons?  And I say unto you: birthday money.  Yes, I could've had a pair of really nice shoes instead.

ALSO: I heard Sondra Radvanovsky for the first time live last night and she was a true wonder.  I have never heard an audience erupt like that-- when she came out to bow, everybody went wild.  And rightly so.  The voice is natural, full, colorful, and supremely resonant.  She blew everyone else out of the tub with apparently no effort.  What a singer.  I adore her.

I love singing.

I do.

And the amazing thing about it all is that I am starting to love my voice.

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