Friday, May 15, 2009

All a-twitter

Um, I tend to get a little embarrassed about immediately jumping on the bandwagon. I fancy myself a bit of an iconoclast, but I guess anyone who loves Kim Kardashian and the Real Housewives of New York City as much as I do could hardly be called an iconoclast. That said, I came late to all of these obsessions-- blogging, facebook, myspace (long since done with that, people), I still don't have an i-pod, and well, I have never thought that jogging was a good idea, and I'm still in complete disbelief that that whole swine flu thing was ever an issue, and that my mother thought I had it. It's just downright embarrassing.

So today, I come before you (all three of you) somewhat bashfully to say that I really am loving Twitter. There are hilarious and informative people in the world that I don't even have to know to be amused by. Which is refreshing, since, in the words of a very dear friend of mine "I don't like very many people." And I'm sure they would all return the sentiment.

It's such a comfort to know that wherever I go, if I have my phone, I don't have to be bored. I have real time updates from people like Tim Smith, Eddie Izzard, and the afore-mentioned Kim Kardashian, to live life for me, and to make me feel less lame, while I am waiting for a coaching, of say, an impossible-to-sing, slap-your-ex-wife Handel aria.

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John Brough said...

I have to admit - I, also, have fallen head over heals with twitter!