Thursday, May 28, 2009

water, water everywhere

I'm drinking it by the gallon, and will be right up until about two hours before I sing tonight. Trying my best to counteract the effects of the air-conditioners of the world. I decided to give up worrying about the length and breadth of my program tonight, because I really think it will be okay, and I'm feeling good about all the pieces, many of which I know well and have known for several months. It will be an awesome prep run through for the concert next weekend and the new CD I need to record before audition season rears it's ugly head YET again. After this, I will know what I needed to know about a couple of the pieces I am still questioning, in terms of their use in my regular repertoire. If I can't perform them the way I would like tonight, in front of the most supportive of audiences, I think I will take it as a sign.

Joe was great last night, and I realize that I am lucky to married to someone by whom I am so musically inspired. The poor dear is now currently back to the piano practicing like a fiend for my little performance tonight, even though he probably doesn't need to.

I'm looking forward to it, actually, and also, to the martini I plan to have afterward!


alexis said...

joe is fab:)

me said...

thanks for your comment...amazing how some things that you never expected to work out, or that everyone also never expected to work out...just do, and do so easily :)