Monday, May 04, 2009

Sorry, but I'm trying

to come up with an appropriately entertaining way to describe this weekend's fun. but I can't!

Congrats to Z and A on a gorgeous wedding, and to J and M and little J on another child welcomed to christendom, having fully renounced satan (always the most entertaining part of any christening). And then last night? new furniture. Joe sold all the things I could no longer stand on Craig's List and we used the money to get one or two new things. Just in time for spring. No more hideous gold-beige ugh.

My liver got quite the work out-- what with no church to sing for Sunday morning, I was in heaven! Having fun on a Saturday night? It so rarely happens. Today, I am back on the Handel horse. Wednesday night I have a lesson to work out the kinks (fewer and further between, thank the gods), and Saturday I'll polish it off with Ms. G.

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