Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night, while out with the girls, we saw the most fantastic rainbow I have ever seen. Way better, even, than the ones they have in Hawaii!

Today, I'm excited to try and marinade a flank steak for several hours and then grill it outside...then, there's those amazing-looking fingerling potatoes that Ina makes that I've been wanting to try forever. Although I am currently also obsessed with the opportunities the discovery of DuFour prepared puff pastry offers...and the fact that I have some leftover in the freezer... :)

Somehow, I need to find time to look at the pirated Hugo Wolf song-turned-church-anthem that I'm supposed to sing tomorrow.

Monday-- Turandot in Washington. I'm so excited to see this favorite of mine for the first time, in a production everyone is saying is great.

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