Friday, May 29, 2009


So tired. Not much sleep last night, and I feel a little off today.

I did, however, manage to catch up on the DVRed goodness of The Real Housewives of New York City Lost Footage in the wee hours of the morning. So it wasn't a totally wasted night of insomnia.

The recital went well, and I was pretty proud of myself being able to hold it together throughout a difficult program, though lord knows I was wiped out afterward. I learned a lot too, just as I hoped, about how things come off in performance, and which pieces I will be keeping and which are going to the back of the binder. I do have to report that there was quite an incident with a cell phone, however, that nearly drove both Joe and I to distraction. It seems it was an older lady who couldn't find her phone in her purse, and when she finally did manage to get it to stop ringing, it began to ring again! All during, of course, the most sensitive moments of one of my favorite pieces of the program. And then there is the righteous huffing and puffing over the cell phone that makes almost as much commotion as the actual ringing itself. But hey. I stayed with it, and it was just another night at the theater.

This weekend promises to be one of trying new recipes, learning an exceptionally hard anthem for the Christian Scientists, brushing up on some duets for next weekend's concert, hanging out on the patio, and some girl time.

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