Friday, May 08, 2009

Back in the saddle

It's a gorgeous Friday. And the good news is that I only coughed for a few hours straight last night, so I'm in pretty good shape, actually. Codeine? Anyone want to write me a script? I feel like having a few days off to be sick is great sometimes, and especially because I got calls from a couple of my favorites, with whom I have not spoken in hundreds. So it was almost worth it.

I'm back here at the mines this morning, and oh wow. There is absolutely NOTHING going on. Can we say summer?

This weekend, I need to somehow find a way to make my vocal cords approximate in order to sing two services so that I can pay my rent. One for the Episcopalians, and the other for the Christian Scientists. The latter of whom have assigned me a rather beautiful solo anthem for this week, which does not always happen, I assure you. So I'd like to not sound like ass, if possible. The obvious need for money being weighed against the fact that the doctor (sigh) said I am not supposed to sing for five days, and I DO have a rather important audition coming up next Saturday.

I have always said that any audition that is in your hometown or thereabouts is an important audition. Because, as my grandmother always said, "It is best not to shit where you live." If you are likely to see the people for whom you sang walking down the street, at the bar, and/or at various performances, you want to not make an idiot of yourself. Oh how I wish I had waited to do various and sundry auditions around here until I knew how the hell to sing.

Did I mention I watched Capote for the first time last night? It's amazing.

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Anonymous said...

I dreamt I went to Sienna to sing opera.


No idea.

But it was epic
Miss you shit tons