Friday, October 16, 2009

ahhhhh Friday

It's Friday, and while I've had a short week, it certainly doesn't mean I feel any less FANTASTIC about it. This morning, I burned a record number of calories in my allotted 30 minutes to work out (sighhhh), and I am...well, both energized and tired. I know, you don't care, and this is a very boring thing to blog about.

I've got some NYC action coming up on Wednesday...excited for the official start of the season for me, and I've had a terrible time coming up with a pianist. What is the deal with these people not calling you back? I think, thanks to Ms. A, I have finally found one. Joe is off the hook for this one, as he's performing a solo recital the day before and will be way too tired to drive up there the next day at 4 am. Yes. I did say 4 in the morning. A delightful hour. I plan to drug myself the night before so as not to be awakened by my neighbors creaking around upstairs.

Last night, I came home from work, went to the grocery store (such a chore in this weather, and all alone), got dinner started, practiced, and, well, drank Côtes du Rhône grenache. I really felt like I didn't have a choice. I made the most amazing Irish beef stew last night with Guiness and red wine...some of these food bloggers really know their stuff. I highly recommend anything on this blog.

When did I become a wine drinker? When all I used to ever want was a vodka soda? I don't know. Probably when I got old.

In any case...a very special dinner is coming up tomorrow night. Our first anniversary, and we are going to Charleston, hands down the best place to eat in Baltimore. I've been planning my outfit now for weeks, and have a pair of those black bondage heels I plan to take out of the box for their first spin. Yay. I keep asking Joe if it's going to be cold enough to wear the fur tomorrow...and the truth is, it probably is. But it's a bit gauche to wear fur in October. So, I'll just wear whatever else I have laying around.

It will be nice to have a basically free weekend, with the exception of church, to work on music and prepare for the audition.

And is anybody else completely over hearing about this kid and the hot air balloon or whatever? Oh to live in blissful oblivion.

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