Friday, October 30, 2009


Feeling a little discouraged with the auditions I haven't gotten this year, so today I decided to turn my frown upside down and just hit it even harder: I applied (read: sent my hard-earned, few and far between US dollars) to three more programs today. I refuse to let it get me down.

Tonight the in-laws are in town because Joe is performing a solo recital Sunday afternoon. The program is one I heard him play a couple of weeks ago at another venue, and man is it spectacular. I should have known I would marry a pianist, since I spent hours and hours listening to concerti when I was a lonely, dorky kid growing up in Indiana. Lord knows I tried, but I was never much of a pianist myself, and was very fortunate to have it pointed out to me early on in my college career that maybe I had better focus on singing instead. Although I have never had any regrets about switching to voice, there is still a very big place in my heart for the piano repertoire, and the greatest respect for the amount of work that goes into preparing a program. When we singers complain about how hard it is to have a day job and do everything you have to do to pursue a singing career, I feel like we have it easier than pianists. Maybe our efforts outside the practice room (acting, languages, translating, finding a decent dress, etc.) even it out a little, but still.

Last night, I came home, practiced (ohhh it felt so good), made chowder for dinner and then tried to bake these low fat butterscotch bar things and forgot completely to put in the eggs and vanilla. So that is a very good way to describe both my baking skills and state of mind. Miraculously, and you know this is the sign of a good recipe, it still tasted great, despite looking kind of funny. I think I might try it again tonight after dinner with the 'rents. I must redeem myself.

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