Monday, October 05, 2009


I've noticed a pattern: I very rarely post on Mondays. But today, I'm just full of piss and vinegar. Life is good, despite the Patriots and some ridiculous calls yesterday costing us the game. I followed my tough and amazing husband's lead (since usually I don't even TRY to go to the gym on Mondays...I need a little more time to ease myself into the whole "work" thing), and followed him over to the gym. Frankly, I'm surprised he could get out of bed, considering how utterly despondent he was after the Ravens loss. But duty calls, and he is taking one of those scary boot camp style ass-kicking classes, but I just do cardio and some weights. I have never gotten used to being brow beaten, even when it is ultimately for my own good, and God, if I could look like the other girl in that class, maybe it would be worth it. Although, when I think about it, singers tend to be pretty masochistic people...maybe I'd LOVE the class.

In support of his weekly weigh-ins, I've been trying to go easy on the butter...and made some very healthy things for us to eat this of them being an absolutely amazing recipe for Thai chicken noodle soup that makes me want to slap my ex-wife. I find that if dishes are so spicy that you can't breathe, you tend to eat less. So Asian food is good for weight-loss, since, unlike Mexican (which I dearly love), it's gross if you put cheese on it. One thing I down right refuse to adjust the butter content for, however, are corn muffins. I made those last night too, and have vowed to give them all away or else freeze them so I don't eat ten at a time.

I'm getting so darned excited about auditions this year I can't stand it. But ask me that again in two weeks, when I'm getting up at 4:30 am to get my ass up to NYC. I'm pretty thrilled about singing this year...It's nice to be able to say that since about six weeks ago, I was in a pretty dark place about this whole singing thing. I know I've said this about four million times, but I STILL don't feel like I've really nailed an audition outfit that is equal parts hot, mildly conservative, and memorable. But hey. Has anyone? If I could walk into NOLA in legging like those musical theater people, I would be so freaking happy. And despite what anyone may say, I still feel that I would be judged if I wore pants to an least if there are auditors over the age of fifty. The options are not great at the moment, but we will *fearlessly* make it work.

Here's some Monday love XOXOX!

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