Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today, I went to a much-needed therapy session (remember those? remember when I used to talk about them all the time?)...and while it makes you feel ultimately better, sometimes, I have to admit, talking about certain situations in your life make you feel pretty shitty in the moment. All my family-related drama has yet to resolve itself, and I think I need to just work on resolving within ME and then it will truly be resolved.

I don't like emotional energy being wasted on things like this, and I think my resistance probably adds to the I'm working on that too. I just want to put all my attention into the goals I have for myself musically, and not stress my spirit and voice out so completely with all of the angst that only family issues can bring. So, on my quest, as Michael Scott would say, onward and upward.

This is audition season and I must buck up, get those apps in, get the arias polished up, get to the gym. I've been doing all those things, and I still put my make up on every morning-- you needn't worry about me until I stop doing that!

What I need is a mantra. I need a mantra.

And a cocktail wouldn't hurt either.

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