Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So, in my Renee Fleming-based plan of becoming just a slip of a thing, I've been taking advantage of my couple of days off to go to the gym and kill myself burning calories. As much as I hate it, it feels really good, and my clothes are starting to feel a tiny bit looser (I think), so maybe it is working. Stu asked me if I was noticing any results the other night, since of course I bitch to everyone about working out every chance I get. My reply was that it's kind of hard to tell because all I ever wear is leggings, and would rather die than weigh myself. But I feel thinner so that is the main thing. Haha.

Today, the plan is to really get a good start on some of the music I must learn for my gig in February, and to continue the ever-elusive pursuit of perfection in audition aria land.

Tomorrow night is my lesson, and the really fun thing we have been doing lately is to break down the role of Mimi and very precisely work every note so that it is solid and at the tip of my tongue and natural. I love doing this. And surprisingly, I don't get impatient, because I feel I am doing the right thing when I work on music in this way...like I am being way more of a responsible singing citizen of the Puccini repertoire when I treat the music in this way than when I cram. And we have all been in this position...whether by sheer procrastination or because you got a last minute call. And in the end, of course, it only helps me.

It has been nice, the past couple of days to feel what it would be like if I were not a person who needed to have a day job, and could spend hours a day with my music and at the gym, and just generally working only at turning myself into the leanest, meanest singer the world has ever known. Someday.

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