Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The weather on the East Coast has been less than great lately, and I think it's getting me down...I haven't felt like posting on the old blog, and that's a sure sign I'm probably at work actually working and dreaming of my leggings and some stir fry with a lot of noodles. It soothes the soul.

And as for news, besides the obvious, like Kate Gosselin's hair cut is horrific and looks worse than ever, and Lindsay Lohan is looking like she's in her 50s...well, I had my first NYC audition of the year, and my first anniversary.

As for the audition, well, it required all of us to get up a little earlier than we would like, and that was painful. But we had a fun time together, and were remarkably relaxed all the way up until the time when we found out all the times they had sent us in the emails about our auditions were wrong, and that we were supposed to sing much earlier than we thought. I remember standing in the warm-up room, frantically trying to figure out how to get my breath under me, and to feel like my body was ready to sing. I wish I'd had another ten minutes to get ready, but I think I sang well, and the panel was more than kind. It was kind of fun to have a hamburger at Burger King on the way home, which is something I haven't done in a long time. :)

More importantly, I had rabbit for the first time, the evening we went out for our anniversary at that amazing restaurant I was telling you about! As someone who is allergic to any seafood, and is really sad about it, I am always looking for other avenues to widen my palate's experience. For a person who loves food and loves to cook, it really sucks to have a seafood problem, let me tell you. So, when I saw rabbit on the menu, I went for it. Delicious! Our evening was unbelievable-- wine with each course, and a VERY special surprise from friends who had a reservation the same night we were there! They sent us a beautiful card and bottle of wine for our anniversary, via the hostess, and we were so surprised and delighted. So we sent them a bottle of champagne in return, and it was fun to pretend we were fabulous, at least for the evening.

Another particularly wonderful thing that seems to have happened is that I found TWO audition dresses this past weekend and I am beyond excited and thrilled to finallllllllyyyyy have things to wear that fit my many requirements and make me look like a model. okay, well... almost. I did go to the gym today...:) One is plum, and will look smashing with black tights and my hot pumps, and has the prettiest ruffly rosettes at the neck-line to add a little interest around my face. The other is a deep blue and is relatively simple, but a great cut, good fabric, and neither dress is BLACK with is just lovely.

Wow. I just blogged like a house afire. That is something. Well, onto the next thing: working a concert tonight!

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