Friday, September 05, 2008


Tonight. I. will. not. party.

I will go home and watch tv, and go over my music for the orchestra rehearsal. I will eat healthy food and I will get lots of sleep. I will revel in my last night of calm peace and alone time for 10 days.

I will begin the countdown:

6 days til Joe comes home
6 days til opening
14 days til my first audition of the season
43 days til the wedding

And, somehow, I promise to still stay present in the now, which is, after all, all we ever really have.

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Anonymous said...

Well said,well said.Pity parties are easy aren't they.I have them time to time.
Thought of something funny last night when I couldn't sleep.Member when we used to do musicals?We used to do Singing in the Rain and Easter Parade.Of course,those were all your ideas and Rachel always refused to do them unless she was the boy?? I have pictures still of that and us in cheerleading costumes our moms made for us.Thought I'd just pass that on to make you smile:)